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Welcome to Wiley Elementary Band Online!

Thank you for visiting the online home of the Wiley Elementary School Band in Raleigh, NC.

Virtual Band Camp is Here!

Beginners, it's time to learn the basics of your instruments so you can be ready to start band in September.

Band Families, please make sure to:

  • Pick up your instrument and supplies - Please make sure your child has his/her instrument and supplies as soon as possible. A supply list can be found in the Band Handbook.

  • Encourage your child to complete camp before band begins - We will play on the first day of band! Please make sure your child has a good understanding of the Virtual Band Camp concepts by September 6.

  • Print and complete your Skill Sheets - Skill Sheets are located under most of the Virtual Band Camp videos, and contain exercises to help your child grow musically. Please print these out, and make sure your child completes them and brings them to our first class.

Just for Continuing Band Students

Students, it's time to work on resuming a regular practice schedule! Parents, look for some music and a practice chart in your e-mail this week. Please help your children restart the process of practicing at least 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week.

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